my story.

A Wholefillife - 57 copy        If you are a really good girl and eat everything on your plate..

                                 “You will get dessert!”

And, believe me, I was a  REALLY GOOD GIRL!  At my high school graduation I weighed 150 pounds and was 5’2”.

When I asked for the diet pills all of my girlfriends were taking , my doctor refused and referred me to the Weight Watcher’s Cookbook.  That was the beginning of my diet and weight loss journey.  That summer I lost 40 pounds, what I did not lose was the insecurity of that “Fat Girl who never went to a Prom”.   Since 1970 I have been on just about every diet!   I have counted points and counted calories..gone on No Fat  Diets and Low Fat Diets…Low Carbs and then No Carbs…and every single day my mood was dictated  by the way my jeans fit or a number on the scale.

As a  Corporate Working Mom, healthy cooking became my passion, my hobby, and preparing it all in 20 minutes after work was my challenge.  I have created shortcuts and recipes that I LOVE to share!

My cooking philosophy:  “If the ingredients taste good, how can it be bad?”….”If you don’t have all the ingredients….improvise”….”Cooking is not science, don’t be afraid to experiment”.. Everybody is welcome in my kitchen and get the kids involved early.  Mine were parked in baby carriers on the counter before they could sit up.

When my sons were in high school I started weight training, yoga and Pilates. I became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013 to further my knowledge of health and wellness.   In my training I was exposed to over a hundred different diet plans and truly began to understand that a balanced approach to diet, exercise and life is a recipe for success.   I no longer count calories. I count the colors on my plate and the number of steps I take!

It wasn’t until our family of six climbed 463 steps to the top of the Duomo in Florence, Italy that I realized  good health is truly a gift.  An investment in a healthy lifestyle pays dividends in energy, boosted immunity,  glowing skin, not to mention more time to spend enjoying a glass of wine and some delicious chocolate.


I recently lost my father to a stroke after watching him suffer for nearly 40 years from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Hypertension.  I’ve lost friends to heart disease and cancer who were never able to enjoy travel in retirement, walk their daughters down the aisle or know the joys of their grandchildren.  It’s not too late to begin a new healthy life!

Let’s work together so that we can all enjoy a Wholefullife!


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