words of praise

Karen came to my home and did a pantry purge with our entire family, including my kids, ages 9-15. It was very eye opening to see all of the unhealthy things that we had been putting into our bodies! We followed up the next week with the grocery store tour, and the kids were very excited to pick out healthy alternatives to the items we had decided we needed to get rid of. They even found some new foods to love! The best part, however, was the cooking class. Karen came to the house and everyone got to participate. We prepared an entire meal, using healthy alternative ingredients to the ones we were normally using. The kids were excited to try everything! They found a few new favorites (and one or two for the more mature palate), and keep asking when “the cooking lady” is coming again.
Michelle Weisenburg, Pantry Purge

Karen Cohn’s “Party Without Pounds” workshop for the Villa Park Women’s league was both informative and entertaining. She kept the group of sixty women engaged throughout the presentation with her use of simple visual aids. Using an apple and some lemon juice applied to one side of the apple demonstrated the importance of antioxidants. She used a clothes dryer filter to demonstrate how seasonal cleansing foods detoxify your internal filters (kidneys, colon, liver) which took the mystery out of the word “detox”. I follow Karen Cohn’s Wholefullife postings on Facebook and save her healthy recipes on my cellphone for easy reference.
Pam Dunn, Villa Park, CA
Your presentation was concise and streamlined beautifully with our 4 – 5 year old audience. The message was one that they were able to recall and recite. Most importantly they were able to internalize the 4 wellness tips. The materials from Oriental Trading were inexpensive and well made. In all, I would recommend not only your presentation and style of delivery, but also the supplemental materials as well.
Joyce Jones, Pre-school Director, St. Paul's Pre-school, Tustin

I am the Membership Chairperson for the Villa Park Women’s League. I am gluten intolerant and am always interested in learning about new healthy foods and beverages that fall within my diet. I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s League meeting “Party Without Pounds” featuring Health Coach, Karen Cohn. It was just before the holidays and a perfect time for this event. Karen presented delicious healthier alcoholic alternatives to the usual high calorie holiday cocktail. What’s even better is that they all had a few fresh ingredients and that made it easier to make. Karen embraces a lifestyle where you can enjoy eating, but in just a healthier way. I would also recommend trying Karen’s Whole Foods Cleanse program to kick start any diet. If you are looking for someone to help you learn how to eat healthier, I highly recommend spending some time with Karen Cohn.
Kelly Jordan, Villa Park Women's League

I was fortunate to go shopping with Karen Cohn to Mother’s Market and I am now hooked on the healthy food items she has introduced me to. I feel more alert and energized throughout the day and have now implemented the products into my daily routine. If you are looking to get on the right path of eating healthy and living a more healthy life in 2014, I highly recommend Karen Cohn! She will change your life for the better and keep you on track to achieve your goals.
Jeff Linder, Grocery store tour